About me

I’m Sarah Griffiths from County Fermanagh Northern Ireland. I’m a foodie, music lover, movie buff, wife and best of all, mum to the most amazing little person in the world, my little “Starfish”.

I’ve had cerebral palsy since birth but have always been adamant that it would not prevent me from achieving everything I wanted in my life. From going to mainstream school, graduating from university, travelling to Australia, getting a job, buying a house and getting married. I always dreamt of becoming a mother but even I sometimes thought this was a dream just a little beyond my reach.

The universe had my back however and in 2015 I discovered I was in fact pregnant! Not only that but I had a big, healthy, literally bouncing baby boy growing inside me!! The array of different reactions and challenges I faced in pregnancy inspired me to start my blog, Wheelie Momma Diaries. The unbelievable response to the blog and the requests for information and support I was getting from right across the globe made me realise that far from being a lone wolf or a unique unicorn; there is a huge number of mothers or soon to be mothers worldwide who are reaching out for support, just like I was. Wheelie Momma Life was born shortly after my beautiful Starfish so that he and I can be the support we desperately needed……AND SO IT IS!

Love Wheelie Momma (and Starfish) xx