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    The Eternal Moment of Now

    For so much of my life I said “I can’t wait until…” or “I wish..” My Grandfather would say in response “Don’t wish your life away” I always scoffed at this, especially during my school days thinking, it’s alright for you, you’re not stuck in an endless loop of being told what to do, what to wear and how to behave.

    Later when I started going out at weekends, even my mum called me out on it saying that I was “living for the weekend”. I don’t think I even gave her the respect of a reply other than perhaps a cursory eye roll.

    Things deteriorated even further when I went away to university. On the rare occasion that I made the trip home for the weekend, for which I might add, my wonderful family made the 4 hour round trip to collect me; it was purely for me to recharge my batteries after a conscientious week in the Students Union, rather than to spend any time with them. Often I’d be asleep before we even made it to the motorway to remain so for much of the weekend. I was better acquainted with my eyelids than my family when I was leaving again.

    Even when I got pregnant I still fell victim to a chronic case of “it’ll be better when ism” I hadn’t even allowed myself time to absorb the fact that my first little one had gone to live in the stars before I was asking the doctor how soon was it safe to “try again”. Gosh how cold that sounds when written down!

    When Starfish was on the horizon I still hadn’t learned anything. I held my breath through the first 12 weeks desperately worried that something would go wrong, then tripped over myself to tell people our amazing news.

    When Starfish was born everyone told me “The first 6 weeks are the hardest” and so became my reality. I loved him every minute of every day but I counted down the first 6 weeks in a blink as if somehow at the end I’d love him more or be a better mother.

    A short time later I began meditation which opened me up to a whole new level of awareness. I constantly heard a voice in my head saying “there’s no time, do it now” At first and for a few weeks I was terrified because I thought it was a sign that I didn’t have long left to live and I needed to do and say everything without delay. I pushed it out of my mind as much as I could and got on with life.

    During my last pregnancy things started clicking into place. I knew that when Chickpea arrived life for Starfish and our family would never be the same so I began to cherish every day, every feed, every story and every cuddle. Every moment when Starfish could have my undivided attention. Likewise I relished every day with Chickpea growing in my tummy, every kick, every hiccup, every twinge.
    When she arrived I enjoyed every day, every moment for what it was rather than mentally skipping forward to the “easier” time.

    Then suddenly the entire jigsaw sat complete before me in all it’s beauty. My Grandad was a mindful master! His cautionary tale that I was wishing my life away was not because he was a boring kill joy, exactly the opposite! He saw the treasure in every day and was encouraging me to open my eyes and my heart to it as well. He also used to say to us that he could not understand people who spent their time travelling abroad when we already lived in the most beautiful country in God’s kingdom. That is gratitude, mindfulness and presence in its purest form!

    The message I was hearing from my higher self “There’s no time…” was not one of fear but rather a truth. All we ever have is now. There is no better time to say yes to your deepest desires, your true self, the voice of your soul.

    I look back on the time I wished away with sadness but also with compassion to myself as I realise at the time I was doing the best I could, just as I am now. I catch myself in the moment when my monkey brain tries to drag me back to the past or shove me, panicking into the future and remind it that my life has no return tickets and I’ll get to the next stop when I’m done soaking up the glorious, eternal moment of NOW

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    New Earth is Now

    For all those of you who were curious about the New Earth Mystery School when I spoke about it in January but were too apprehensive to join because you didn’t really know what you’d be getting; you’re in luck! The second wave is launching on March 30th and you can now have the benefit of my experience before you sign up. That said, regardless of the fact that I have been told I have a “way with words”, it is almost impossible to do justice to the experience of the 6 weeks with language which in itself is extremely limiting.

    The New Earth Mystery School welcomed a diverse group of people from all walks of life across the globe. Everyone’s background and circumstances had many differences but there was one common, golden thread which immediately united all of us. We all wanted to follow our passions, find our purpose and in doing so make a difference to our world. We were also all very conscious of the fact that there is something more, in fact many more things at work with us and for us and we shared a deep desire to tap into this, open our hearts and minds and elevate our consciousness for the good of all.

    What unfolded was simply magical. From the first day when one brave soul did a Facebook Live video in the group by way of an introduction, the whole atmosphere in the group changed. Walls came down, hearts cracked open and the collective unconditional love and acceptance began to flow to and from every single one of us.
    Each Saturday evening we all met on a live Zoom meeting and my beautiful friend Martin McNicholl guided us through a meditation and sometimes a dance party! (who said spirituality has to be serious?!) followed by amazing channelled messages from many collectives including the Ascended Masters.

    The 6 weeks, as with life in general, were not without its challenges for all of us. We all had moments of self doubt, scepticism, overwhelm and anxiety. The difference is, in New Earth Mystery School no one is left behind. We all shared wholly and authentically exactly where we were in the moment. When we hit the Facebook Live button in the group, immediately the tribe would gather round to listen and support with no judgement and complete acceptance. We picked each other up when we were down and celebrated successes and breakthroughs as joyously as if they were our own triumphs. People cried and laughed in their PJs live and shared from the heart. In most cases, just talking out loud what was on our mind and knowing we were being supported was enough for us to work it out for ourselves without anyone else saying a word. When words were needed though, they were abundantly available from the most eloquent, articulate, wise group of people I have ever been lucky enough to meet.

    The individual growth and expansion of every person in the group has been unbelievable and a real privilege to witness. Some people rediscovered art after years of not doing it and are now creating breath takingly beautiful pieces. Others have had the courage to leave jobs which they knew for some time were not making them happy or allowing them to share their true gifts and fulfil their soul purpose; to change direction and do what lights them up.

    For me, I have gone from feeling sick any time I had to hear my own voice and struggling to turn on my camera for the live Zoom sessions to now thinking nothing of doing regular live videos on my own page and realising that my voice is in fact a gift and a vital part of me sharing my gift with the world. My knowing that with the right mindset and an open heart, anything is possible. And I’ll soon be launching my Mastery in Motion Empowerment workshops.

    I hear you, you’re thinking “wouldn’t it be great if real life was like that? Loving, accepting, inspiring and free”. Here’s the thing though, it can be, IT IS. Every single one of us in the New Earth Mystery School are primed and ready to create this magic in our own corners of the world and beyond and you can too when you spend some time in your heart and figure out how it is you really want to fly. For now, until you find your wings, come and join us in the New Earth Mystery School

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    Why I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions

    It’s January, the time of year when the “New Year New Me” brigade are out in full force. We’re all feeling a bit of a pinch in both our wallets and our waistbands and we decide that this will be the year that we clean up our act, get fit, live better and generally just be better human beings. Sound familiar? For so many years this was me, I pledged to go to the gym, go sugar free for a year, gluten free, meat free, waste free you name it. I was going to learn a new language, read a book every week and a million other impressive things. They always lasted about 2 weeks and fell flat for 2 reasons; 1 I was just jumping on the collective bandwagon rather than setting goals I actually wanted to achieve and 2 my heart just wasn’t in it.

    One of the beautiful things about having children is that I now love and respect my body just as it is. Sure, there’s a bit more of it than would be considered optimum and I have an extra lump or 2 in a few places but heck! This body literally grew and fed 2 little humans and continues to do so, that’s pretty amazing when you think about it, right? For this reason, the last few years I haven’t even entered into the weight loss or diet discussions and oh how liberating that has been.
    A month or so ago something amazing happened that completely changed my view of myself and the world on a whole different level. I was introduced to Martin McNicholl and his Self Help Detox. What got my interest immediately was the fact that Martin throws the whole idea of Self Help in the traditional sense on its head. He says that nobody needs to be changed or fixed; we all start out life as whole, perfect, divine beings and it’s just the “stuff” and conditioning of life that gets in the way and makes us forget. This completely resonated with me on a number of levels. Firstly, when we look into the eyes of our children or watch them interact with each other and the world, they are perfect, vibrant, innocent and uninhibited. They don’t need to change or be fixed and they view the world with joy and curiosity. That was us once too before life, conditioning and perceived limitations got in the way. If we all spent more time rediscovering our inner child and looking at the world through that lens rather than the responsible, jaded adult one, how much more fun would we have? How much more beauty would we see?
    Also, I loved the idea that with the Self Help Detox I didn’t actually have to “do” anything. All I had to do was show up day to day and allow myself to just be.
    I followed Martin’s page for a few weeks and interacted with his daily broadcast then I was blown away when, after I shared a bit of my story with him, he asked me to appear on the show with him last week. For the first time in my life when appearing in public to talk I wasn’t remotely nervous. Martin’s gentle presence and the beautiful community he has built up meant that I knew I was supported and welcomed in the most awesome way.

    Building on the success of the daily show, Martin is now launching his online New Earth Mystery School next week 19.1.19. I’m all signed up and beside myself with excitement to get started and here’s why. The Mystery School is to help us uncover the Mysteries of ourselves, the potential and spark that is inside us all but has been forgotten or dimmed over time. You know the feeling, you’ve said it to yourself many times. You’re sat in an unfulfilling job, filling up on caffeine or chocolate out of shear frustration or boredom and you say “there’s got to be more to life than this”. That is the call of your heart and soul reminding you that you have beautiful and unique gifts to bring to the world. You may not know exactly what they are yet, or maybe, like me, you know what they are but you just don’t know how to use them yet? The Mystery School will help us all, dust off the cobwebs and uncover our unique treasures and we will support each other on the journey of discovery so we can all shine brighter than ever before! I’m shaking with excitement even writing that!

    This is an amazing opportunity and one which I absolutely jumped at. The mind-blowing thing is that the Mystery School is actually comprised of a number of elements and has a number other courses included as FREE bonus material. I can honestly say that I have previously spent more than 4 times the cost of this course on other classes or courses and they haven’t even scratched the surface of what this one does. I can also say with 100% certainty that when I’ve done this course I will never need to sign up for another course in my life. All the answers I need are in my heart and when I know how to tune in properly, the magic will happen automatically.

    Click here to enrol in the New Earth Mystery School


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    PRODUCT REVIEW: Spectra S1 electric pump

    As you will know from my last post, from the very early days I have been expressing milk for when Starfish and I wanted to go out. Over the last 12 weeks or so I have tried a number of different pumps, both manual and electric, with varying degrees of success. Obviously there are a number of factors which affect the amount of milk you can express such as the time of day you are expressing, what you’ve eaten and how much fluids you have drank. I find pumping in the morning gives me highest yield and it helps to have Starfish in the room with me at the time and a big glass of water to hand. That said, the variation of quantity between pumps was remarkable. On average I had less than 1/2 an ounce from the manual pumps and between 3 and 4 ounces with the electric ones based in 40-50 minutes pumping.

    That was, until the Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Pump came into my life. This piece of kit truly is a gift from the Gods.

    It’s quick and easy to assemble (instructions are included but I didn’t need them). It gives the option of single or double pumping and has a rechargeable battery so that it can be plugged into the mains or used away from home when charged, giving around 3 hours running time on full charge.

    One of the first things I noticed about the pump apart from the fact that it’s super lightweight is how quiet it is compared to the other pumps I’ve tried. Some were so loud that they woke Starfish when he was asleep, which in turn meant I couldn’t pump as when he wakes he’s instantly hungry. Likewise if I tried to pump when he was occupied with his Dad, the pumps were again so loud that I couldn’t hear the radio or TV over them despite being just a few metres away from them! With the Spectra S1 Starfish can nap while I pump and watch TV happily and importantly fully relaxed rather than feeling like a cow in a milking parlour


    The Spectra S1 has a night light with gradual brightness settings and a handy timer which is set in 30 minute blocks and automatically stops after a cycle. 

    It’s really comfortable with decent size flanges and it has 2 modes; massage and expression. It is recommended that you set the pump to massage mode at first until your milk starts to flow and the switch to expression mode. You also have varying vacuum levels and cycle time (strength and number of pumps per minute). With this level of customisation, pumping is comfortable and painless while at the same time allowing you to get maximum possible yield. Some of the other pumps I’ve tried left me sore and even bruised after a 40 minute session but the Spectra was gentle and super efficient. So much so that after less than 30 minutes I had a huge 10 ounces of milk, more than double what I’ve ever achieved with the other pumps and in less time.

    Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump isn’t the cheapest on the market but I would highly recommend it for comfortable and efficient pumping that won’t take up hours of your day. In fact for busy breastfeeding mommas who need lots of milk, fast, I’d say this is a must have.

    In the lightweight box you get

    S1 Pump motor
    Breast shield set x 2
    Backflow prevention filters x 2
    AC adapter x 1
    Inbuilt rechargeable battery(can be used plugged in or runs with the battery
    Collection bottles x 2
    Bottle stands x 2 

    Mum’s in the UK, you can buy your pump here Spectra Baby UK or Anawiz

    Mum’s in Australia or New Zealand get yours here

    Rental options are also available if you want to try it out before purchasing but take it from me, you need this pump. Go on, treat yourself!