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Some time ago I was told that accessible accommodation for a family of 5 was impossible. I refused to accept this “expert” advice. I stuck to my guns, followed my gut and asked for help when I needed. Most of all I was fuelled by a refusal to allow my kids to miss out on anything in life because of me. I could have given up but I didn’t. We’re just back from the most amazing break at Center Parcs Ireland where EVERYTHING was accessible, comfortable and far exceeded my expectations.

I was still able to take 5 minutes each morning, amidst a packed schedule to continue my skincare routine. I was also able to stay connected with my business and my gorgeous clients while still being fully present with my kids, soaking up every second and making magical memories

It struck me at one point during the last few days; what I was experiencing, the life I have created is as a direct result of choosing me.

I was told I couldn’t or probably shouldn’t have kids. I chose me and followed my heart. I have 3 beautiful kids who remind me daily that dreams come true and miracles are real.

I was told I should be grateful for any work I could get and just suck it up. After 17 years of “sucking it up” I chose me. I now have a job I truly love where I get to use my creativity and experience daily. I get to be me fully and it’s encouraged and celebrated. I also have my business which I absolutely adore where I get to help people rediscover their worth, their passion, their gifts and their beauty. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

I was told as a disabled woman and as a mum of 3 kids under 6, I didn’t need to worry about how I looked. The feeling of exhaustion was “just how it is now”. Self care was a pipe dream and I’d just have to make do with being fuelled by coffee and hope for the next 10-15 years.
I chose me. Not only do I have the best skin of my life at 40 and feel better than I ever did in my 20s, I get to support others to discover this for themselves too.

I chose me and magic happened. I’m cheering you on to choose you too! If you’re feeling too tired or broken to make any choices right now, don’t worry, I’m just a message away, I’ve got you 💚