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I’m truly honoured to be supporting #purplesockday alongside Parallel Lifestyle and Hatch Enterprise UK Last week I recorded some videos for #purpletuesday where I spoke about what the whole idea of wearing purple signifies to me…
It’s about so much more than just wearing purple socks or a purple shirt. It’s solidarity in the workplace and society at large.

It’s recognition of the immeasurable value and skills that people with disabilities, both visible and hidden bring to organisations and to the world.
It communicates the undeniable truth that no one knows what another person is dealing with or battling through on a daily basis and even though 2 people might have the same diagnosis; their experience of it is inherently unique.

It’s a silent, but vibrant salute to the many every day heroes who struggle under the surface but shine regardless and a beautiful reminder that we don’t have to go it alone.

Wearing purple is a gentle but incredibly powerful way to break the silence and start some beautifully honest conversations around disability. The more open and vulnerable we can be in our communication the sooner the ethos of #purplesockday will become embedded in the fabric of our society and make the world a better place for all 💜