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When it’s a constant reminder that DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

Susie had a dream as a young girl who had very little that one day, by doing what she loved, she could not only create a better life for herself and her mum but at the same time she could lighten the toxic burden on people’s bodies with natural skincare and help the planet too.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing but with her giant heart, determination and tenacity, she has done all this and so much more.

Tropic has transformed my life in so many ways. It’s made me prioritise self care where before I had zero.

It helps me set good example for my kids so they will grow up with great habits and know how crucial skin is to overall health and well-being.

I have the most incredible tribe of support friends around me who know no limits when it comes to encouraging me and lifting me up. To the point where I can confidently travel without hubby knowing they are by my side; something I never thought I’d experience again.

As I grew my own team I’ve had the privilege of watching a troop of amazing women grow in confidence and experience Tropic magic for themselves.❤️❤️

I worked for 6 months to achieve my ticket to Tropic Fest. I use the term “worked” very loosely because it’s the least taxing, most enjoyable work I’ve ever done. That said, there were moments along the way when self doubt crept in, mainly about whether I could really do a camping weekend! But my tribe swooped in and help me systematically smash every one of the obstacles that were creating a mental block of self sabotage and before I knew it I was on the Tropic Fest guest list!

Camping Tropic style is not ordinary camping ✨✨✨ and when Wheelie Momma goes Tropic camping it becomes luxury glamping darling 😍 Including my own personal, fully wheelchair accessible bathroom ❤️

It was the most amazing weekend and the icing on the cake was meeting and chatting to beautiful Susie herself. Her skin is like glass and her smile is as big as her heart. She and Tropic are the real deal! 

When we stopped for this photo I was holding back huge emotion. I was there, it was real, Susie was right beside me. 

When I saw the photo I resisted sharing it because apart from the fact I look like a giant beside dainty Susie, it’s blatantly obvious that I’m choking back tears. But now I know, that’s the very reason I MUST share it.

I bet 16 year old Susie never dared to dream that one day she’d have a tribe of thousands of empowered, passionate, vibrant ambassadors around her and she’d be putting on her very own festive. But she stayed focused on her mission, weathered many storms and that’s exactly what’s happened.

A couple of years ago when I bought some skincare to support my friend and watched a video of Susie; I never dreamt that I’d be next to Susie at a festival, without my husband and have an incredible time. I never considered the possibility of building a team and progressing in the business but when I see the impact it has on each and every lady in my team and beyond, I’m fully committed to bringing that sparkle and fire to as many women (and men) as possible.

This photo is not a photo. It’s proof that magic is real!