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When I was pregnant for the first time in 2015 I embarked on a quest to find other Mums with disabilities for advice, tips, inspiration and community. My quest was largely fruitless. Not to mention the vacant looks of silent bewilderment I met when I asked HCPs for tips or to signpost me to the right resources.

I live by the adage “Be what you wish to see” so when I couldn’t find the support or community I needed, I decided I’d be that resource and support for others. That’s why I started my blog and why one of my first posts was titled I AM A UNICORN, the magical creature that everyone secretly loves the idea of but who apparently doesn’t exist in the real world.

The wonderful world of social media opened my eyes and connected me to incredible Mommas like @nina_tame @sitting_pretty and @my_sassability to name just a few.
My heart burst when I heard Nina talk about a book she has contributed to “We’ve got this- essays by disabled parents “

As I sit and read it now my heart is full of joy and pride and my eyes full of tears. The introduction speaks about how having a disability is not in fact the most disabling thing, it’s society’s attitudes to us that’s the real challenge.

It also speaks to the fact that being a parent is a terrifying and simultaneously life shattering and life affirming adventure for everyone, disabled or not.

Most refreshingly of all, it highlights that living and thriving with a disability in a world that just didn’t get the memo requires resilience, innovation, creativity and adaptability. Guess what? So does being s parent! So if we’re really honest about this, maybe our kids are getting an awesome front row seat in the school of character building and compassion by having a disabled parent?! And if society cops itself on everyone could learn a lot

Synchronise watches Team Unicorn, we’ve got a job to do 🦄🦄