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1943 days of breastfeeding and counting. 3 little people countless feeds, every emotion under the sun and the best excuse ever for copious amounts of snacks! Our breastfeeding journey has had everything, thankfully more ups than downs. I say “our” because it’s been a real team effort. Starfish and I had to learn together as I had no idea what I was doing 🙈 He later had to learn to share at 2 when his baby sister came along. As did she a year ago when her little brother arrived.

The person I couldn’t have done it without however was Danny. He has literally been by my side for every feed in the early days and nights. He motivated me when I felt like I couldn’t do it because he knew I’d regret giving up. He’s the biggest advocate of breastfeeding I know and my biggest supporter in so many ways. It was therefore only fitting when I was planning some keepsake jewelry with wonderful Precious By Kerry that I celebrate and thank him with a special gift too.

From the moment I contacted Kerry I was blown away by the time she took to hear our story and understand how significant the jewelry would be to us. She recommended some pieces (of course the Daisy ring for me) and so many little touches that completely personalise the creations. Our Angel baby is even commemorated 💕

The service Kerry offers is second to none. I was gutted when Danny tried on his ring only to find it didn’t fit 😢 He’d measured wrong. I messaged Kerry and fully expected her to say
“hard cheese love” but no! She was completely calm and professional (which calmed me down too) and simply said “These things happen” and that she could resize it. Not only did she do that for us but she did so in super fast time.

I cried with gratitude and relief when it arrived today, just 1 day after International Men’s Day ♥️ and IT FITS!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kerry. Thank you for all that you are Danny. Now you have a beautiful reminder of the fact that you are the beating heart of our wee family and loved so very much 💖