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and so it begins

Originally posted October 14th 2016

Somewhere in the depths of my mind during a sleepy night feed, as the events of the recent weeks floated in and out of my conscious mind I thought, “I know, I’ll write a blog” Why? For a few reasons… hopefully our story is interesting. It might even inspire some of you to achieve new things, think differently or even share your own story. There’ll also be a few laughs along the way for you too.. because as we all know here in Ireland “for the craic” is a perfectly valid reason for doing things!

A bit more about me by way of introduction… I’m 34 and I have Cerebral Palsy. I always say if I was to have any disability I’d chose CP, simply because no 2 people who have it are affected in the same way; it really is the individual’s disability. Some people with CP can’t talk, some can’t walk, some can’t do either and lots, like me have varying levels of ability right across the scale.

I’m not sure if it’s my CP or the fact that I’m a Taurean but probably one of my biggest traits is the fact that I am stubborn and go after things I want with real vigour.  I once commented to a friend “Tell me I can’t do something and I’ll do it twice just to prove you wrong.” This started at a very young age, probably 2 or 3 when the doctors told my family I may never speak. They said the only chance I had was if my family cut out the baby talk and spoke to me in full proper words and sentences. The net result of this was when people asked me aged 2-3 what I liked to read I would answer “Cosmopolitan”. From then on until I left home for university, my family were left wishing I would shut my mouth and stop prattling on for just a few minutes.

Other things I’ve done that “defied the odds”.. I went to mainstream primary and grammar school, graduated from university, got a full time job, bought a house, travelled to Australia, I’ve done 2 skydives, passed my driving test and the biggies, I got married and am now a very proud momma to a beautiful baby boy!

I say the last 2 are the biggies because being a mum is the best thing I’ve ever done but also because these are the things that people seem to have the most trouble getting their head around. When we were wedding planning and we visited wedding fairs or shops I was asked more than once where the bride was when I showed up in my chair or on my sticks! You can therefore imagine the looks of complete incredulousness and bewilderment on people’s faces when I was out and about in my chair at 8 months pregnant! It really made me laugh, I could literally hear the hamster wheel turning it their head thinking “Is she pregnant? No surely not, bless her, she’s just fat”

So by writing this I hope to open the minds of the doubters and encourage you all to achieve your own personal best, whatever that may be. I’ll share with you the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and my leap into the lifelong journey of love, laughter, worry, nappies and hormones that is motherhood.

Until next time…..


Wheelie Momma xx