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People are often quite taken aback when they hear me say that I see my disability and associated pain and depression as some of my greatest gifts and blessings. Here’s why, were it not for my disability and the path it’s taken me on in my life so far, I wouldn’t have had some of the incredible experiences I have or met the beautiful people I call dear friends and loved ones, In fact, one small change in my past would almost certainly render my life completely unrecognisable from what it is now; I simply couldn’t imagine a life without my husband and kids.

Had I not experienced the depths and darkness of feeling locked in my own body and almost delirious with pain; I wouldn’t have experimented with meditation which in turn unlocked the truth for me of the strength and magic of my body and soul and it’s ability to heal. Without that first hand knowledge I wouldn’t be in the incredible position I am of being able to authentically honour and support others as they look for the light in their darkness and remind them of the strength that they hold themselves.

When we can see EVERYTHING with grateful eyes, even and especially the challenges and trauma our life truly changes.

Think about the worst thing you’ve been through in your life… The times when you said “I don’t think I can do this, I can’t get through this” And yet, you DID, you have, you ARE. You’re still breathing, still ALIVE And if you really think about it, you’ve learned, grown stronger, gained wisdom and perspective from the experience. You found the treasure in the trauma.

Chances are, out the other side of it, you’ve had opportunities to lend a hand, an ear, a shoulder to someone else going through similar. You have been their light in the darkness, a beacon of hope and REAL authentic proof that things do get better. THAT is your gift, that is your purpose, that is the WHOLE POINT of this game called life!

This global challenge is no different. In fact, I invite you now to think about this. Yes there is fear and uncertainty, panic even. BUT;

Everyone has slowed down

Our immediate thoughts were for those we love and care for We are being more conscious of those who are vulnerable in society and what and whom we expose them to

There’s a global focus on hygiene

We’ve stopped thinking about or planning for next month, next year and are focused only on here and now, moment by moment

In some countries where there is a lack of guidance and policy we are having to go within and trust our gut, our intuition.

Of all the confirmed cases, the vast majority have or will make a full recovery. This shows the magnificent power of the human body and spirit alongside the fantastic health care most of us have access to.

Also, I believe it’s no coincidence that children are largely untouched by this, they are our greatest teachers.I fully believe that there is beauty in this as it’s brought everything that truly matters in life into sharp focus on a global scale all the unnecessary noise and distraction is falling away. Love and presence are centre stage.If we can hold onto that as we wait for the storm to pass; what a wonderful new world we will have!

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