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Last month we had National Read A Book Day. To be fair, every day is reading day in this house but to celebrate tomorrow, we’ll read a special book, the one where Dexter and Daisy are reminded of their own unique superpowers!

I wrote My Mum Is A Superhero after searching everywhere for a book to explain disability to Dexter as a baby and not being able to find one.

The message I wanted to give my kids is that everything is not always how it seems at first glance. Even something like a physical disability, which on the surface seems negative or unfair, can in fact be a secret blessing if we dig deep enough. The hand we are dealt sets us on a path of self discovery, connections and opportunities that we wouldn’t have if even one thing about us was different. It’s our own personal superpower when we can find the diamond in the dirt 💚

My Mum Is A Superhero is a love and fun filled invitation to all who read it, young and old, to look at the world and themselves a little deeper and find their hidden superpowers

Copies are available here and if you’d like your copy signed or dedicated to a superhero in your life, just email me when you’ve placed your order