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Skin care was never high on my agenda. I’ve pretty much always been a soap and water kind of girl but as a result my skin did suffer. I had bad acne as a teenager and later very dry skin. It was only as my wedding day approached that I started to panic about my skin and what I could do to stop my make up looking patchy or caked on. Everyone wants that fresh, natural, dewy, timeless look in their wedding photos but my skin was anything but. I panic bought lots of different exfoliators and moisturisers and used them sporadically in the run up to the wedding (spending a fortune in the process) Thankfully my makeup artist was a miracle worker and she managed to make my skin look close to flawless for the photos, mission accomplished.

From that day on my “skin care routine” dwindled to nothing and I continued to spend way too much on quick fix potions when I had an occasion coming up. I could never quite figure out why I couldn’t stick to any of it, make it part of my day…. All that changed when a friend introduced me to Tropic. She gave me a lend of the ABC skincare essentials to try obligation free. I was sceptical but also wanted to be kind and supportive so I agreed to try it out. It came with a smoothing cleanser, vitamin toner and skin feast conditioner, along with a beautifully soft bamboo cloth.

Tropic ABC skincare collection

I followed the simple instructions on each bottle and found my senses being captivated by the gorgeous smells of all the products and the luxurious, soothing sensations of the products on my skin. It was as if my face sighed with relief as it welcomed the nutrients of the products like a long lost friend.

I went off to bed that night literally unable to stop touching my face which felt so smooth and revitalised after just one use I was amazed!

The next morning I noticed something I’d never experienced before. I woke up with a sense of excitement! I was actually looking forward to getting into the bathroom and using the products again! From then on I was hooked.

As a mum of small kids I’m very proud of their flawless, glowing, breastfed skin and very conscious of what I use on them so clean, nasties free skincare for them is a must too.


Tropic body wash collection

When another friend suggested to me that I become a Tropic Ambassador I initially dismissed the idea as I’m “not good with sales”. However the idea did stay in my mind. I realised that with Tropic, the products are so exquisite there is no “selling” involved, they speak for themselves. When I realised that Tropic’s purpose is

“To help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world.”

As an empowerment advocate, I knew this was the company for me!!

Each and every product is created with ethics at its heart, using nutrient rich natural extracts and eco-friendly packaging. Tropic stands with PETA, The Vegan Society and the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme as a cruelty-free brand, now and always.

As part of this, we are proud to be a certified CarbonNeutral® company, investing in conservation projects in order to double offset all of their
carbon emissions, from product deliveries and powering the HQ to team commutes.

AND there’s MORE Tropic partners with United World Schools and every sale, no matter how small, goes towards support to “teach the unreached” providing primary school education for some of the most under privileged children across the world. Find out more here

Now you see why I LOVE Tropic!


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Tropic Tamanu balm