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Doing some research for a new project I began to look for books, blogs etc by women with similar life experiences to me. Disabled women, wheelchair users and who knows, maybe other Wheelie Mommas?
I was elated to come across the book Sitting Pretty and even happier to find that the author, Rebekah Taussig is a witty, sweary, badass, wheelchair using Momma, just like me! 💖

As I clicked through the rabbit hole of similar insta accounts, something struck me. Almost every person who has a voice in the disability arena, describes themselves as an “activist”. I totally understand the term and I also get that there are indeed times when we need to speak out loudly against injustice or narrowmindedness, especially for those of us who do not have a voice.

However, for me the word activist conjures up images of aggression, a war, charging into battle. What I realise after struggling with depression for too many years, the only real battle I was fighting was one with myself! I refused to accept who I really was. I hated my body which I perceived as failing me and I thrived on confrontation, the shock factor and proving people wrong.

What I now know is that everyone is too busy dancing with their own demons to care what I’m doing and even less what I can’t do! Most who do want to know are loving and supportive and those who aren’t well, quite frankly what they think is none of my business.

When I fully accepted and learned to LOVE my body, mind and soul and respect the path I have chosen in this lifetime (and yes, I do believe I chose it). Not only did my inner world become more calm and peaceful but my external reality rose to meet me and showered me with unimaginable love and blessings, not least my amazing husband and our 3 gorgeous children.

I truly know and am living, loving proof, that we create our reality and mine is one of deep reverence and gratitude for this game called life.

I hereby declare myself to be a passionate acceptivist of my life, my body, my disability and all the fun and magic it bestows upon me 💕💕