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The last half of 2018 and 2019 was a time of magic for me. Not only was it the time when 3 became 4 with the arrival of our little dynamo princess but it was a time when I grew at an equally rapid rate to my kids. What I mean is, this for me, was the year of trust and a new level of blind faith and belief in myself, something that was almost entirely alien to me previously. It began when I was making the decision of how much maternity leave to book. When I had Starfish back in 2016, I returned to work after just over 6 months despite every fibre of my being telling me it was much too soon and neither Starfish, I, nor indeed my husband were ready. I allowed fear and lack to take the wheel and convince me we’d all be destitute if I didn’t go back to work at the earliest opportunity. Second time round, I promised myself I would have no regrets and I would book a year off, enjoy every second of being at home with my beautiful family and also give myself a real taste of what life could be like if I followed my dreams. I almost allowed the fear to derail me again at the last second when I was submitting the leave application but I had a chat with myself and reminded myself that maternity leave can always be shortened. If the cupboard was bare I could always come back to work early but I needed to “back myself” and see what was possible.I had no idea what would happen or what I could create for myself but I knew I really wanted to find out and I wanted to soak up every second I could with my kids. That’s when the magic happened. A series of what only can be described as incredible events unfolded one  after the other and saw me write and publish my first children’s book My Mum Is A Superhero, launch my coaching programme alongside fully embracing my speaking carer. All of which happened “accidentally” and were motivated by nothing other than my love of my family and spending time with them as well as what lights me up and brings me joy. The more I connected with others, through my book and coaching programme, I realised that I was connecting on a deeper level and getting HD intuitive hits, not just for myself but for them too. I’d open my heart and say and share what felt right in the moment. Without exception, the response was always “wow, how did you know that about me?” My answer, “I didn’t know it, I felt. it”. I followed this more and more and shared more and eventually, under the loving support of a dear friend, I wheeled out publicly into the world as an intuitive empowerment coach. I still don’t fully understand how it works but that’s the whole point, our minds will never understand what the heart just knows. I don’t have any agenda, any special powers or scientific formula. I do it because I love people and want them to see, know and love themselves. It excites me and lights me up when I see the glint in their eye of recognition of the beauty and magic that they hold. I do it not for fame or fortune but because it fills my heart. Then came another big moment of realisation. The things that I do because my heart tells me to, write the book, launch the course, speak at the event. These are the things that are “easy” for me but also the things that people respond to the most; the moments that people come back and tell me have changed their life or their perception of their reality. These are the things I work at which energise me rather than exhaust me. I’m just being fully me. How amazing that I get to do this, follow my joy and provide for my family at the same time! In the last 2 years, any time I’ve done something that didn’t feel good but I pushed against my gut from a place of obligation or fear of consequences, it’s always turned out to be the wrong decision, always.So my manta from now on, for 2020 and forever. “If it’s not fun, it won’t get done” Book a session or a reading here