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Saying “I love you” and meaning it, showing it are two drastically different things. I’m increasingly seeing those around me speaking words of love and light but the energy behind it is anything but. I’m calling time on those who behave like A holes around me, delivering punches in a love lined glove. I don’t care how nice the glove is, I can still feel your fist and it’s not OK.

The biggest culprit of the lot? Myself!

Full disclosure, I have a raft of self love and mindfulness practices that I use every day and share with my clients BUT are my thoughts, words and actions always loving to myself? Lol Nope! I see the divinity in all others but often I only see the deviant in myself, the unworthy, the damaged.

I can teach self love but all too often my actions are self sabbotage, abusive even. I don’t nourish or respect my body in the way it deserves. I’m really conscious of what I feed my kids but I can sit and shovel my own bodyweight of chocolate down my own neck and not bat an eyelid. I let people disregard or disrespect me and go digging for my flaw that caused them to act that way rather than honour myself and call them out on it. Would I sit by and let someone isolate or humiliate my child? No! So why do it to myself, it’s abusive and oppressive.

I happily pay for all services I receive in honour and respect of the time, energy and presence it takes to provide them but when it comes to honouring myself in this way I shrink and hear myself giving everything away for free or massively discounted. See the pattern? It’s distructive and not loving, it’s just not OK. I’m calling time on BS! From here on I’m all about discernment and consistency