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Many of you will already know that one of the services I offer is intuitive
readings. Some people are really into readings and all things a little WuWu but
for many they simply have no idea what it is and while they may be a little
curious, they also are a little nervous or don’t want to seem daft so rather
than asking, they just avoid the topic completely. Well for those of you who
have been curious, wonder no longer! This is a question I get asked a lot so
I;ve decided to step out of my hippie closet and demystify the mystic side of
me for once and for all

What is Intuitive Reading?

Intuitive reading is simply a form of energy reading. Whether we are aware
of it or not, everything we do and everything we are is energy. When we
communicate with another person, verbally or physically, it’s an energy
exchange. Even our thoughts and body language emit a certain energetic
frequency. Being highly intuitive simply means that I can tune into people’s
energy really well and pick up certain details about where there focus is in
that moment. When someone comes to me for a reading, they are open to me
reading their energy and will consciously or subconsciously fast track the
dialogue between us allowing me to reach deeper levels of understanding of
where they are at, their innate personality and their highest potentials,
pretty quickly. It really is a beautiful experience

What happens during a reading?

I have 2 different methods i use to complete a reading; face to face over
video call (Skype or Zoom) or distance recorded sessions where the client is
not present with me and they receive a written or recorded reading by email.
Both are extremely powerful and, in my experience, when the agreement has been
set to complete a reading and the channel of communication is open, there is no
difference in the quality of the reading or the messages whether live or

Before each session I ask the client to have a think in advance about any
particular area of their life they want clarity or guidance on but not to tell
me what that is. In each and every case, when the intention has been set, the
reading always ends up focusing naturally on the area the client has
stipulated! Simply because, where the energy goes, the conversation flows.

I use cards as prompts and I have various different types of readings I
offer which do follow a specific order but I often find that the session will
focus primarily on a few areas and sometimes leave some out entirely. Again, in
my experience the messages will ALWAYS be what is needed for the client’s
highest good and potential and exactly what they need to receive at that time.
Even though in some cases it may not be what they WANT to hear, without
exception all my clients have come back to me, sometimes days or weeks after a
reading and said “Some of that was hard to hear but I really need to take
it onboard”.

Why are readings so expensive?

I offer a range of different readings at different prices because I want to
make them accessible to as many people as possible. I love what I do as an
intuitive and being able to connect with people in this deep way but
ultimately, reading energy and receiving messages in this way takes time,
energy and presence. To keep a clear channel and provide the best quality
service I have to respect my own abilities and time and ensure my needs are
met. I can do more distant sessions than live sessions in a week so for that
reason the distant sessions are a lower investment than live sessions

What readings are not

Readings are rarely future predictive; although sometimes when it’s relevant
I will receive a snapshot of one highest potential for the client’s future. I
do stress however, this is purely a potential and ultimately it is up to the
client and where they focus their energy and actions, what outcome they

I will never, I repeat NEVER receive or share a message to scare a client.
My readings are to entertain, uplift and empower my clients. I’m not in the
business of fear and in my opinion anyone who would use their intuitive
abilities in that way have missed the point.

What types of reading do you offer?

The biggest reading I do is a full Life Path reading. These are available
both live and distant. They review most aspects of a client’s life past and
present and give a detailed account of the client’s personality, gifts and
talents alongside any areas of blocks to them reaching their full potential
currently. It also addresses relationships, career, finances and highest
potential. Any and all areas that are most relevant to the client

Mini Motivation readings are 30 minute readings offered both live and
distant. These are shorter bursts of empowerment and love from the universe The
messages focus on the clients current energy, any energy blocks, highest
potential, a call to action which usually incorporates some very practical
advice and a final power message to leave the client feeling fully charged and
ready to embrace their own magic!

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